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Gone Fishing Intarsia

Gone Fishing

This Gone Fishing Intarsia art piece is the perfect and unique gift for your favorite fisherman or fishing aficionado. Handcrafted with local and exotic woods, including Cherry, Maple, Aspen, and Mahogany, on old repurposed barn wood. It comes with hanger on back for easy hanging, ready to go on your wall. Measures 16 1/4 x 9 3/4 x 1 3/4.

  • Explanation of the Art of Intarsia

    Intarsia -an elaborate form of marquetry using inlays in wood, especially as practiced in 15th-century Italy.Intarsia. (in-tahr-see-uh) The art of painting in wood. Intarsia is created by selecting different types of wood, both exotic (from around the world) and domestic, using their natural grain patterns and colors rather than dyes or stains to create the different colors and patterns. Each piece is individually cut, shaped, and sanded before fitting them together like a jig-saw puzzle. They are then glued to a piece of 1/4" plywood backing cut in the shape of the final product. Sometimes thicker pieces of wood are used to create a 3D effect. Each intarsia piece is unique and can take hours to create.


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